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Mr. Royer is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan College of Law having earned his Bachelor of Law in 2001. Law School was followed by articling at an Edmonton based Criminal Defense law firm. Mr. Royer has been dedicated to the area of criminal defense work since law school, and continued that focus in his employment during his articles. While in law school, Mr. Royer wrote major papers on areas focusing on criminal law including euthanasia, and dangerous offender legislation. His interest in Criminal Law was a focus from the beginning.

Mr. Royer was called to the bar after successfully completing both his articles and bar admission programs in 2003. After being called to the bar May 31, 2003, Mr. Royer began successfully defending people charged with criminal code offences immediately, and received written and reported decisions that set precedence in law. To date Mr. Royer has been involved in over 50 reported cases that show Mr. Royer as a formidable advocate.

As a Criminal Defence Lawyer located in Edmonton, Alberta Mr. Royer has experience in Criminal Courts ranging from British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Mr. Royer has represented persons accused of crimes in every level of Court including Provincial Courts, Courts of Queen’s Bench, and Appellant Court’s in a variety of Provinces, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr. Royer has successfully defended accused persons on charges of murder, impaired driving, possession for the purposes of trafficking, trafficking, assault, sexual assault, attempted murder, aggravated assault, fraud, theft, and many other Criminal Code offences, traffic offences, and even Revenue Canada charges.

Mr. Royer has defended accused person’s rights where they have been violated in terms of the right to counsel, unreasonable delay in bringing the matter to trial, arbitrary/unlawful detention, and unlawful search cases. Cases that have involved strip search cases, searches of homes (with and without a warrant), unlawful breath demands in impaired cases, breaches of the right to a fair trial, and the right to fundamental justice.

Mr. Royer is currently a board member with the Legal Aid Society of Alberta. As a board member his insights into the area of Criminal Law help in setting policy in areas specifically affecting those unable to afford legal services. In this way Mr. Royer is able to give back to the community.

“Liberty exists where the law is content to leave you alone” is a phrase created by Mr. Royer. Those accused of criminal offences that defend themselves defend not only their liberty, but those of others by creating law and ensuring the authorities understand that they must not act contrary to constitutional values. The Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association noted “66% of adult cases in criminal courts resulted in guilty verdicts” of which “87% of the accused in those cases pleaded guilty. It is obvious that a majority of these cases involved some form of plea bargaining.” The likelihood of conviction is approximately 66% — but only if you add in the 87% that actually plead guilty. Liberty exists where the law is content to leave you alone, and sometimes you are required to defend it.