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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is used generally to describe accusations of threatening, or assaultive behaviour occurring within the intimate relationships of couples. However, there are other “domestic violence” offences committed within a domestic setting. Prosecutions of these types of offences are handled in the special courtroom established for these types of offences in the Edmonton area, and are generally given special attention by prosecutors in every jurisdiction.

False accusations, or less than truthful accusations often arise in domestic cases. Given the familial context, emotional states of parties, divorce, separation, and custody, as well as  financial issues, it should not be surprising that accusations are often inaccurate.

Consent, self-defence, provocation, and issues of credibility are often at issue in cases like these. A highly skilled oral advocate can often be the best defence on charges of this kind.

Mr. Royer is a dedicated criminal defence lawyer, highly skilled in cross-examination.

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