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Firearms and Weapons Offences

Unfortunately for all Canadians issues involving storage, possession, transportation, and use of firearms have become a specific area of Criminal Law. Firearms and Weapons Offences, Careless storage of a firearm, for example can result in Criminal charges. Likewise weapons offences arise even in cases where the firearm was not possessed for any purpose involving use as a weapon.

There are also mandatory minimum sentences applicable to firearms offences, and although the offences have been described, even by the Supreme Court of Canada, as regulatory in nature, and some sentences unconstitutional, the punishment can be disproportionate to the offence.

Depending on the nature of the offence, and the capability of defence counsel, punishments can range from alternative measures to penitentiary sentences. This area of law is needlessly complex, and requires diligent defence work. For example, many Canadians believe it is unlawful to possess a knife, or possess it in a hidden nature, or to possess a knife beyond a certain length. All these beliefs are in error. It is not unlawful to possess a knife. It is unlawful to possess a knife for a dangerous purpose, or a knife that is a prohibited weapon (a switchblade is prohibited).

Factual, legal, constitutional, and diligent defence work all play a role in defending those charged with weapons offences. Mr. Royer is the dedicated type of lawyer, with the experience necessary to defend those charged with these types of offences.