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Internet, Computer, and Technology Crime

Offences in this area can involve fraud, mischief, criminal harassment and child pornography, in example. Offences involving the internet are the subject of a special area of the prosecutor’s office because the offences often involve various issues that do not arise in any other context, including difficulty in proving the identity of the person responsible, possession, knowledge, and intent.

This area of law is rapidly evolving and issues have recently arisen involving the issuance of warrants based on anonymous tips, and whether possession exists in the visual observations of materials. Keeping up with the changing legal landscape and the effects of judicial considerations requires a lawyer to be dedicated to the study of Criminal Law.

There are mandatory minimum sentences applicable in this area and a wide range of sentences are imposed. Mr. Royer has dedicated his professional career to the area of Criminal law and constantly updates his knowledge by researching caselaw, and keeping abreast of new law as it is formed. Mr. Royer does take on this type of work, and is equally dedicated to the defence of those charged with these offences.